"I am a fan of Joy, I am a fan of Smile, I'm a fan of Happy, I'm a fan of Love. I always have been."

Ivan Apfel

- Kevin Hart

If I had to pick a Personal Motto, this would be it:

Ivan Apfel is a South Florida-based photographer specializing in Event Photography, Corporate Photography, Entertainment Photography, Branding Photography, Headshot, and Commercial Portrait Photography. On occasion, he is also known to do Wedding Photography.

Fun Facts About Me:


Where I Started:

Now that the third-person description for Google is out of the way, let's go into more detail about me. According to the Photographer's Handbook, my "About Me" section should specify how I was "born with a camera in my hand" and had a "father who instilled a passion for photography in me". But the truth is, the reason I started shooting was because as a sophomore in high school, I had to choose between Photography and Drawing. And I had no desire to draw all year. Other than that, yes, it is true that once I started shooting, I knew it was all I ever planned to do. This is why I chose to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) majoring in Photography with a minor in History. 

Where I Started


What I Shoot:

Almost everything I shoot falls into the "Event" or "Portrait" category. If the term "Specialty" in photography means something you shoot on a regular and consistent basis with the skill set expected from an experienced professional, then my specialty would include the following:

• Event Photography • Corporate Event Photography • Gala Photography
• Non-Profit Photography • Branding Photography • Headshot Photography • Editorial Portrait Photography • Marketing Photography 
• Red Carpet Photography • Film Premiere Photography • Award Show Photography • Fashion Show Photography • Live Performance and Concert Photography • Private Portrait Photography • Wedding Photography

What I Shoot


Who Am I Outside the Lens:

When I am not shooting, I am spending time with my wife Ana and our two boys, William and Alexander. I was raised with dogs but ended up with three cats (never take your kids to pick out a pet...you will come home with more than you planned). I'm a pretty excellent cook and a solid baker. I also subscribe to the belief that your "family" are those that you are born with, and those you love and our Weston home is filled with "family" as often as possible. 

Who Am I Outside the Lens


What I Shoot:

I would never say that having formal training and advanced education in photography is the only way you can be a great photographer. However, I will say that it has allowed me to be prepared for many different projects and assignments. It also gave me the base foundation and knowledge to problem solve how to successfully complete unique client projects and assignments. In the digital era, many photographers have become reliant on correcting lighting and camera settings while shooting using preview. Relying on my training allows me to have everything within one adjustment so that session time isn't wasted and moments aren't missed during "trial and error" shooting. Starting back when film was king also taught me an important skill as a photographer, Patience. As the client, you don't need or want thousands of redundant, boring images. You want the select important, visually emotional moments. This is what you can expect from me.

Knowledge Never Ages


Knowledge Never Ages and More is Seldom Better:


Will You Enjoy Working With Me?

If you are into astrological signs, you would call me an anomaly. Because while I am a Leo, and I do have a healthy ego, I am probably one of the most relaxed people you will ever work with. I also make my shoots all about the client experience. I have always been the person that wanted to make sure everyone was happy. I have brought that same concept into my shooting. Whether it be an event, the red carpet, or in the studio those in front and around my lens will feel a sense of ease and confidence. 

Will You Enjoy Working With Me?

I believe that honesty is the best policy and not being able to do everything is not a weakness. So while I am confident in my skills to be able to shoot lots of things, I will also always be willing to admit when I might not have the skill set for your job. And to add to that, I will happily share the contacts of photographers I believe can best serve your project when I can't. So if I accept your assignment, you can be confident that I will not be learning on the job. I will be walking in with the knowledge to get the job done.

Why You Can Rely On Me


Why You Can Rely On Me:

Kind Words from Our Amazing Clients

Stefanie Ramirez, Senior Director of Events - NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises

“Ivan Apfel is by far one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. I have worked in the entertainment business since 2003 and we have been working with Ivan since 2015. I hold Ivan as one of the top photographers I have ever worked with. On a corporate level, Ivan is professional, one step ahead of the game, always around but never in the way, his angles and shots are above all the rest I’ve seen, and he’s a wonderful person who makes it easy and comfortable to work with.”

Morgan Schaaf, Communications Manager - Topgolf

“Working with Ivan has been great! The photo quality is amazing and he is always very professional. I highly recommend his services!”

Ashley Davidson, Senior Director, Media & Industry Relations, Fish Consulting

“Event planning has countless moving pieces and Ivan is one of those pieces I never have to worry about. He’s the best photographer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has the ability to take limited direction and run with it to create stunning photos that capture the moments perfectly. He captures even the smallest, yet very important, details – things I never had time to stop and observe during a busy grand opening of a restaurant. And somehow he manages to do it all within the natural flow of the event, without interrupting a thing. I barely notice he’s there! That takes immense talent and professionalism.”

Jennifer Million, Senior Communications Director - United Way Miami

“Extremely professional with excellent customer service. Always delivers in a timely and successful manor. Thank you!”

Marie-Laure Andrade, Director - Christian Dior

“The pictures are amazing! Ivan did a great job and he was actually quick to edit them. Thank you!”


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