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Do You Really Need a LinkedIn Profile Picture? Having a professional quality headshot is a must if you want to succeed on LinkedIn. Thanks to the old human algorithm, your LinkedIn profile picture really is the key to your success. Did you know that people are constantly searching for you online? Maybe they met you […]

LinkedIn Profile Picture and the Human Algorithm

Having a professional headshot today has become standard. Your first impression to employers, clients, and potential dates will likely be made online and not in person. Here is some advice on how to make sure you capture a headshot that reflects the impression you want. For over a decade, I have been capturing headshots and […]

Nailing Your Professional Headshot Session

Traditionally, headshots were simply a way to show potential customers and clients who the person they will be doing business with is; however, in today’s marketplace, your headshot will play a key part of your branding and marketing. For this reason, an image mask of your headshot files will make future branding and marketing campaigns […]

Image Mask: Taking Headshots to a Whole New Branding Level.

The speakers finished answering the last attendee question, the event host finished thanking everyone for attending and reminding them about the next meeting in Arizona or Mexico City or any of the other great conference locations, and the attendees with afternoon flights picked up the last of the suitcases hidden behind your information desk, and […]

Enhance Your Attendee’s Experience with Image Galleries!

If you and your team are the product that your client base is paying for, then how you are presented across your branding platform is incredibly important.

How Executive Portraits Can Add Personality to Your Branding and Marketing

As more and more businesses have come to realize the importance of having an online and social media presence, the new catchphrase has become “Branding”.  And while branding is in fact incredibly important to the success of businesses as large as Apple and as small as a two person law firm, some businesses have been doing […]

Stock Images: They Can Hurt Your Brand AND They Can Be Dangerous!