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How Executive Portraits Can Add Personality to Your Branding and Marketing

If you and your team are the product that your client base is paying for, then how you are presented across your branding platform is incredibly important.  From your website, to your Twitter and Instagram feed, potential clients are very interested in seeing and learning about you and your team members.  Your website analytics most likely reveal that your “About Us” and individual team bios are some of your top viewed pages.  Because of this, traditional headshots may not be the best option for you and your business anymore.  

Executive Portrait Sessions may be of greater benefit to you and your team.  They offer you the ability to have images that better reflect you and your company’s personality better.  They can also provide you with a more creative approach to your website and other branding platforms.  For the past year our clients have been requesting this option more and more.  In addition to the more formal straight on portrait, we also include some full and three quarter body shot portraits as well as interview styled images.  When capturing the team we will take your traditional formal team shot but will also include some staged sit, stand, lean shots as well as casual shots of the team together. The combination of these then allow you and your marketing team to use them across all platforms in a manner that makes potential clients find you and your team more relatable to them.  When creating a post on Instagram or your blog about one of your team members, you can use a more relaxed and personable portrait of them.  

When creating your website you can use the more formal portrait on the main “About Us” page and then a combination of the other less traditional executive portraits on the individual bio pages.  Having the various, more personable individual and team member portraits will make you stand out more to potential clients.  In today’s market, it is always important to stand out from the crowd.

Sample of how you can make your main About Us landing page more attractive to visitors.
Then your individual bio pages can have even more personalized content.





How Executive Portraits Can Add Personality to Your Branding and Marketing

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