South Florida Headshot and Editorial Portraits

Ivan Apfel is a leading headshot and editorial portrait photographer servicing clients in all of Miami Dade County, Fort Lauderdale and Broward, as well as Boca Raton and Palm Beach County.  He specializes in being able to bring the professional studio to you while still providing the same service and image quality as you would get in a studio.

Headshots have always been essential to professionals regardless of their industry.  Now, with the explosive growth of teleworking becoming more and more common, it's no longer only executives who need a headshot. 

Whether you are an executive, a sole proprietor, or a remote team member, you need a professional headshot or portrait. Camera phones may have gotten better over the years, but they will never compare to a professional lit and captured photograph.

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What to Expect When Getting a Headshot?

Prior to your session, we will discuss what look you are going for to insure I bring the right background and equipment. Studio lighting setup takes about 20 minutes, and the session itself takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Then another 20 minutes to break down and pack out. The whole session will only take about an hour, of which you can continue working for 40 minutes of it. During the session, I will guide you with posing and expression. You can review as we shoot to make sure you like what you see. 

Within 12 hours after the session, you will receive an email with the link to view your online proofing gallery. From here, you select the three (headshot sessions) to five (editorial portrait sessions) images you wish to have fully retouched. Once these images are retouched, they are sent to you in full-sized, high-resolution format via digital download. In many cases, clients have received their final retouched images by the day after the session.

What is The Session Fee?

Unlike many headshot photographers who will charge a session fee and then a price per image, I keep my pricing very transparent. My Headshot Session fee is $250.00 and includes bringing the studio to your location, the session, and your choice of thee images to be commercial retouched and sent to you in their full-size, high resolution format.  

For Editorial Portraits, the pricing is also a flat session fee of $600.00 and you will receive your choice of six images to be fully retouched.

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