South Florida Personal and Business Branding Photography

For over a decade, Ivan Apfel has provided Personal and Corporate Branding and Marketing Photography Services to businesses of all sizes. Working with them to create the images that help them promote and grow their brand.

No matter if you are a sole proprietor or a multi-national, I bring the same commitment to creating the images that will help you promote your brand. I will work with you, your marketing team, or your external creative team to create the images that will best define who you, your company, or your products are while also promoting why it is different from all the rest and of value to the consumer or client. 

Below you can learn about some of the services that I offer to help you create your brand, however, because every person and company is different, so might their branding needs.  Please feel free to contact me about discussing the specifics of what you need and how I can help you create them.

Headshots and Portraits

These are almost a given for any business or service provider. From single-person law firms, and restaurants to large multinationals, people want to see who it is that will be representing them, feeding them, or doing business with them. The first time they see you should be a photograph that is both professional-looking and reflects who you are.

Editorial Portraits

Editorial Portraits are shot with the specific intent of giving the viewer a sense of who you are. These can be captured in studio or on-location implementing both available and controlled light techniques. Ideal for printed or web features, advertising, book jackets, advice posts or articles, or detailed about you material. This is also a popular style used when the product is the person such as with influencers, designers, and consultants.

Workplace Action Images

No matter what your business is, consumers and clients place a great deal of importance on doing business with those that they view as having positive core values. While "mission statements" are great, having a visual insight into your company's work environment is far more impactful. Spending time capturing you and your team on-site in the work location provides them with this window into your company.

Location Images

These are a must for retail locations, interior designers, builders, contractors, and corporate headquarters. Shot with and without people in the images, these are shot from an architectural photography method to show off the space.

If your business participates in or hosts experience-based events, capturing these is great for promoting the experience to those on social media who were unable to attend. A combination of candid and choreographed images can be captured to share the energy of the event in social media promotions.

Experiential Event Images


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