For all of the moments:

Portraits are the single greatest record of a human life.

There is an importance to portraits. They not only create a visual document of the person, but they also create a historical record of milestones in ours and our loved one’s life. And not just for ourselves, but for our family generations to come. How many of us have looked at pictures or our parents, grandparents and even great-great-grandparents and have seen similar physical connections between us and them at the same stage in life. It’s how we connect with family members before us.

And while smartphones have made it easy to take tons of images of ourselves and our family, there is still nothing quite like professional portraits.  We grew up looking at the beautiful, detailed portraits of our parents, grandparents, etc.  There is a quality to a professional portrait that smart phones just can’t match.

Being both an editorial photographer as well as a trained studio photographer, I am able to provide a range of portrait session services depending on what you are looking for.

Editorial Milestone Portraits

Using both posed and editorial styling to create a series of portraits capturing a special time in your life. Perfect for maternity, bar/bat mitzvah and Sweet 16 portraits.

Editorial Family Portraits

A blend of captured moments and natural portraits. Perfect for those looking for a more casual session capturing their family in a relaxed setting.

Senior & Athlete Portraits

Shot using either all studio lighting or a blend of studio and natural light to give the images a more commercial look.

Studio Family Portraits

Can be shot on site at your home or in studio, these sessions can capture both a modern fashion look or traditional studio portraits.

Documenting Them Through the Years with Beautiful Portraits

Sophie in 2014, 2019 and 2023

A small sample of my many Portrait Sessions over the years

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