South Florida Event and Headshot Photographer

Ivan Apfel is a respected South Florida Event, Headshot and Commercial Photographer based out of Miami since 1997. Specializing in capturing Corporate Events, Headshots, Commercial Portraits, Music, and Branding Photography for clients and events in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, NYC, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Corporate Event Photography

With its all-year beach-friendly weather, South Florida is one of the top locations in the US for Corporate Events. My Corporate Event Photography coverage ensures that your entire event is properly covered. My clients have come to rely upon my services due to the images I provide them being sharp, detailed, and properly color-balanced photos with incredibly fast delivery times. I capture single-day events, multi-day corporate events, corporate retreats, activation events, and more. I provide coverage for events in Miami, Miami Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Naples, and Orlando.

Headshot Photography

A good headshot can make all the difference when landing a great job, client, and business connection. No longer can a professional get away with an iPhone-quality headshot. Good headshots should be properly lit with no harsh shadows, sharp details, and proper color balance. I specialize in bringing professional studios to my clients' locations in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Weston, and Palm Beaches. I work with my clients to decide the best headshot background for their business brand, be it a seamless solid background or editorial location background. We also discuss how best to shoot the headshots to match their business branding. During the session, I will coach them in posing and will review the images with them to make sure they like what they see before wrapping. Finally, I work with them to ensure that their final selection receives the proper commercial retouching to make them look like the best version of themself. 

I also provide professional portrait photography of executives and talent for advertising, marketing, and editorial publications.

Branding Photography

Photographs are one of the best tools your business can use to connect consumers or clients to your brand. While any images can promote your brand, professional images give consumers or clients confidence in your brand. I work with clients to capture images that match the tone and personality of their business brand. This can include headshots of all their staff and executives, product photography, business location images, and office action photos. These images will be used for creating your website content, social media campaigns, and print material.

List of Photography Services We Provide

This is not a complete list of our services, only a list of our most common services. If you need a specific service not listed below, please contact us.

  • Corporate Event Photography
  • Convention Photography
  • Tradeshow Photography
  • Grand Opening Photography
  • Gala Photography
  • Non-Profit Photography
  • Album Release Photography
  • Press Release Photography
  • Movie Premiere Photography
  • Television Premiere Photography
  • Red Carpet Photography
  • Fashion Show Photography
  • Runway Photography
  • Backstage Photography
  • Award Show Photography
  • Tour Photography
  • Live Performance Photography
  • Music Photography
  • Step and Repeat Photography
  • Concert Photography
  • Headshot Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Executive Portrait Photography
  • Modeling Headshots
  • Acting Headshots
  • Branding Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Business Editorial Photography
  • Business Action Photography
  • Personal Branding Photography
  • Real Estate Agent Branding Photography
  • Marketing Photography
  • Set Still Photography
  • Production Behind the Scenes Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Commercial Interior Photography